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Purchase of Movingo at SJ Ticket Machines and agents

It is possible to buy Movingo 30-day tickets at SJ ticket machines. The ticket is then divided into two parts. It consists of a travel card, valid on SJ trains and a paper ticket, valid on local transport and on Mälartåg trains.

You must always have the card and the paper ticket with you as these two together constitute a valid ticket. You can also load the SL Access Card with SL barrier openers to open the barriers if you are travelling on SL services.

SL's new green card does not work as a barrier opener and cannot be loaded in SJ's ticket machines or at SJ Movingo agents. Existing Movingo travelers who want to travel with a physical Movingo card in SL traffic therefore need to keep their blue SL Access card. There are currently (autumn 2022) no plans to develop the system to handle SL's new green cards.

If you are a new Movingo traveler traveling with a physical Movingo card in SL traffic, you need to show your paper ticket at the barrier kiosk. The easiest way to travel with Movingo is with an app ticket. The app ticket works in SL's barriers.

Here are SJ's ticket machines and SJ Movingo agents

To load a Movingo ticket in SJ's ticket machine, you need an SJ Movingo card. The cards can either be purchased from SJ's agents or ordered via the link below.   

See where you can load your Movingo 

SL's Barricade Openers  

By loading a barrier opener on your SL Access Card together with your Movingo ticket, you can open and pass SL's barriers. If you don't have an Access Card or if you don't have a dark blue Access Card, you can buy it from one of SL's sales agents.

You load the barrier opener on your Access Card when you buy your Movingo ticket from the machine, or you load the barrier opener at a later time if you do not have an SL Access Card at the time of your purchase.

So you can buy and load Movingo at a location where there is an SJ ticket machine or agent, go to Stockholm and buy an SL Access Card there. Then you go to an SJ ticket machine and load the barrier opener onto your SL Access Card. You can also travel on SL public transport with a paper ticket only (note that you must have a paper ticket, Access Cards with a barrier opener alone are not a valid ticket on SL public transport). 

If you lose or have your SJ Movingo card stolen, you can contact SJ Customer Service or SJ Travel Shop to block the card. Lost cards or paper tickets will not be reimbursed.

If you want a ticket you can't lose, we recommend buying Movingo as an app ticket.

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