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Bus replaces train between Strängnäs and Eskilstuna.

Due to planned track maintenance, train service will be suspended between Strängnäs and Eskilstuna during the Ascension Day weekend, from Thursday, May 18 to Saturday, May 20. Buses will replace the trains on this route, resulting in longer travel times.

Due to track maintenance between Strängnäs and Eskilstuna, all trains on that route are canceled from Thursday, May 18, at 01:00 until Sunday, May 21, at 04:00. Replacement buses will operate in both directions during this time. The replacement bus services cannot be found or purchased when searching for your journey on mälartå, and we advise you to buy a ticket for the replacement bus service through other resellers, such as You can find timetables for the replacement buses via the links below.

Replacement buses

Buses will replace trains on the route. Please note that your travel time will be longer than usual between Strängnäs and Eskilstuna. If you have a valid ticket with Mälartåg, you can use the replacement bus service provided by Mälartåg.

Stops for replacement buses:

Strängnäs: Stop A

Eskilstuna: Stop D

Thursday, May 18

Timetable for Strängnäs-Eskilstuna and Eskilstuna-Strängnäs.

Friday, May 19

Timetable for Strängnäs-Eskilstuna and Eskilstuna-Strängnäs-Läggesta.

Saturday, May 20

Timetable for Läggesta-Strängnäs-Eskilstuna and Eskilstuna-Strängnäs.