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Movingo Terms of Purchase when purchasing in the Movingo app or on

Valid from 2020-04-03

Applicability of the Terms of Purchase

These terms of purchase (hereinafter the Terms of Purchase) only apply to the purchase of Movingo tickets in the Movingo app or on When selling in these sales channels, Sörmlandstrafiken, part of Region Sörmland, org. no 232100-0032, acts as reseller of the Movingo ticket on behalf of Mälardalstrafik MÄLAB AB. When you make a purchase, you agree to the terms and conditions referred to in this document in addition to the Terms of Purchase. The terms and conditions may be supplemented or replaced by specific terms and conditions of purchase. If you purchase a Movingo ticket through SJ's sales channels, SJ AB's Terms of Purchase apply.

When purchasing Movingo ticket for travel with a transport operator other than Sörmlandstrafiken, Sörmlandstrafiken only acts as a reseller and has no responsibility for the performance of these transport services. Any complaints and claims for compensation for delays relating to other traffic operators must be addressed to the party performing the service. However, if the Train Passenger Ordinance is applicable to your journey, you have the right to appeal to any railway company of your choice.

You can read more about Movingo and the validity of the Movingo tickets at or

General information about the Movingo ticket

The Movingo ticket is impersonal and gives a right to unlimited travel for 30 days, 90 days or 365 days on specified routes with SJ Regionaltåg where the Movingo ticket is valid and / or with another traffic operator in, or between the respective counties where the ticket is valid. Validity includes the routes, stations and traffic operators indicated on the ticket.

The Movingo ticket is valid from midnight on the first day of validity selected at the time of purchase until 4.30 a.m. on the night after the last day of validity. A Movingo ticket may only be used by one person per trip. You must have a valid Movingo ticket throughout your trip. If you do not have a valid ticket, you may have to pay a surcharge according to the Public Transport Surcharge Act (1977:67).

Discount categories

Children (0-6 years) and young people (7-19 years or who turn 20 during the validity of the ticket) as well as students studying with at least 75 percent study rate on a course eligible for a student grant are entitled to travel at a reduced fare.

Valid ID documents to prove their identity and age include all passports, Swedish ID documents, the Swedish Migration Board's LMA card and national ID cards within the EU. Other foreign ID documents are not accepted. Students must be able to certify studies as above with valid student ID. Valid student IDs are Mecenat or Student Card with SL symbol.

In the event that you have purchased a discounted ticket but cannot prove your entitlement to it, you may be deemed to not holding a valid ticket.

Travelling with children

Two children under the age of 7 travel free of charge when accompanied by a passenger with a valid ticket on all Movingo routes in 2nd class.

Buying a Movingo ticket etc.

When you buy a Movingo ticket, you as a customer are responsible for ensuring that the order is correct. It is therefore important that you check the information in the order before making the purchase.

With Movingo, you travel without the need for a seat reservation.

You can buy and receive your Movingo ticket as follows:

Movingo App ticket

In the Movingo app and on ("My page"), Movingo is sold as an app ticket for smartphones. The app can be downloaded via the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) by searching for "Movingo app". In order to purchase a Movingo app ticket, you need to register an account either directly in the app, or via the web at

On the "My page" you can manage your account, such as entering your password, credit card details and contact details. In addition to debit cards, Swish can also be used as a payment method, provided that the Swish app and Bank ID are installed in your device.

Movingo app ticket is impersonal and may only be used by one person per trip. While travelling, you should always have the Movingo app installed in your mobile and be logged in to your account.

The ticket should be ready to show to control staff and can be viewed at any time during the trip. It can be displayed electronically or manually/ocularly. Movingo app cannot be combined with SL Access card as a barrier opener.

You are responsible for the device working and having a battery throughout the trip. Even if the mobile is not connected to the mobile network or is in offline / flight mode, the ticket will be available for viewing in the app for 48 hours, provided you are logged in. If your phone is offline for more than 48 hours, you will need to connect to the internet and reactivate the ticket.

If you are logged out, no ticket will be available in the app and you risk paying a control fee. To reactivate the ticket in the app, you must log in to your account when the device is connected to the internet.

The mobile device where the app ticket is activated upon purchase is your ticket carrier. If you want to use another mobile device as your ticket carrier, you can switch by installing the Movingo app in the new device and logging in to your account. The app will then ask "Do you want to move your ticket to this device?". After you confirm this, the move will take place immediately if both devices are online. Switching a ticket between devices can be done at most: once every 24 hours.

In case the original device is offline, the ticket can be transferred to the new device at the earliest 24 hours after the original device has been online. If you are not online with the original device but still want to switch to the new device before 24 hours have passed, Movingo customer service can be contacted for ticket refund.

Refund of a Movingo ticket

Refunds are handled by Mälartåg customer service. The following applies to the refund of a Movingo ticket:

  1. Before the first date of validity, the Movingo ticket is refunded at the full purchase value.
  2. From the first date of validity and until one third of the ticket’s validity has passed, you are entitled to a refund. The refund amount is calculated as follows:

    ticket price x (1 - (3 x number of days the ticket was valid/total number of days the ticket is valid)) for a 30-day ticket.

  3. Refund of a commenced Movingo 90-day ticket: Deduction based on a special formula, which means that the refund value of the ticket has been used up from the 70th day of validity.

Refund of commenced Movingo 365-day ticket: Deduction based on a special formula, which means that the refund value of the ticket has been used up from the 340th day of validity.

See Appendix 1 - Example of calculating a Movingo refund - version 2020-04-03.pdf

Refund in the event of changes in the service offer

If you have bought a Movingo ticket and the valid service for the ticket changes after purchase in such a way that it deviates from what you could have reasonably assumed at the time of purchase and the deviation is of significant importance to you, you have the right to have the ticket refunded even after one third of the validity of the ticket has passed. You are then entitled to a refund of the part of the ticket price that refers to the period after the withdrawal. The refund amount is calculated as follows:

ticket price * (1 - (number of days the ticket has been valid / total number of days the ticket is valid))

This extended right to refund does not apply to planned temporary traffic changes that have been communicated in advance or to regular timetable changes, such as switching to summer timetable.  In order for Mälartåg Customer Service to be able to assess in each individual case whether the requirements for extended right to refund are met, you must be able to present a written explanation as to why the change in traffic means that your planned journeys cannot be carried out.

Illness and death

In the event of acute illness and death, the remaining value of the Movingo ticket can be refunded upon presentation of an approved certificate.

Approved certificates

In the event of an acute illness, a medical certificate completed by a doctor and certified by the doctor's name, telephone number and stamp must be presented. If there is no stamp, a copy of the doctor's certificate must be attached. The certificate must state the date and the diagnosis proving that you were unable to travel for a significant part of the period for which the ticket was valid because of an acute illness suffered by yourself or a close relative. Death certificate or certificate from a priest or funeral parlour.

The refund amount is calculated in the same way as for refunds in the event of changes in the service.

Processing of personal data

Sörmlandstrafiken sells Movingo tickets on behalf of Mälab. Sörmlandstrafiken's website,, contains information on how Sörmlandstrafiken handles personal data.