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Movingo 5/30

The ticket for you who travels every now and then

  • Five 24-hour tickets to use within 30 days.
  • Includes local public transport.
  • Valid on Mälartåg and Trosabussen.
  • Discounted price for youths and students.

Download the Movingo app and purchase your ticket today!

Note: If you already have the app installed, you need to update to the latest version to be able to buy a Movingo 5/30 ticket.

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Why 5/30?

With Movingo 5/30, you can travel unlimitedly on Mälartåg with five 24-hour tickets during a 30-day period. Choose between traveling on a selected route or on all Mälartåg lines*. The surrounding local public traffic is always included, and of course, youth and students have a discounted price, just like with period tickets.

The ticket is valid on Mälartåg's five lines, Trosabussen, and on local public transport, and can be purchased digitally in the Movingo app or via the Movingo ticket website.

*= For longer routes where the maximum price is reached (1 360 SEK for full price, 1 020 SEK for youth/student), all Mälartåg routes and surrounding local public transport are included.

Here's how it works

  • Download the Movingo app or visit
  • Log in or create an account.
  • Enter the stations between which you want to travel.
  • If the specified route can be used with Movingo 5/30, the ticket will appear as an option.
  • The start date is specified at the time of purchase and can be set up to 15 days in advance.

Note. To travel with your ticket, you need to download the Movingo app, which serves as the ticket carrier.


The ticket can only be purchased through our channels and is not valid on SJ's or Tåg i Bergslagen's Movingo departures.

Movingo period ticket

If you need to travel more days per week or with SJ and Tåg i Bergslagen within Mälardalen, our period ticket might be something for you. With our period ticket, you can travel unlimitedly for 30, 90 days or one year and can also lend out your ticket for 24 hours.

Read more about our period ticket here.

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