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The season ticket for you in Stockholm-Mälardalen

With Movingo, you can easily commute by regional train and local transport throughout the Stockholm-Mälardalen.

  • Students and young people have a discounted price
  • Choose 30 days, 90 days or 1 year
  • Surrounding local transport, such as bus, metro and commuter train, is always included in the ticket.


Logotyper för kollektivtrafikföretagen inom Movingo

Movingo is a part of Mälardalstrafik, which is jointly own by the regions Stockholm, Sörmland, Uppsala, Västmanland, Örebro län and Östergötland.

New ticket - Movingo 5/30!

There is now a new ticket in the Movingo family - Movingo 5/30. Travel unlimited for 24 hours on five chosen days during a 30-day period.

Click here to learn more about the ticket.

Movingo app

With the Movingo app, you can purchase, view and use your ticket. The app contains your receipts, purchase history and relevant traffic disruptions - all that is good to know gathered in one place.

You can also purchase your Movingo ticket online. The ticket is saved in your pages and is then available in the app for use.

Customize Movingo to your needs

Select routes and regions which suit your travel habits, or select all routes for unlimited travel throughout the Stockholm-Mälardalen.

Mälartåg's five routes

Dark blue line Norrköping-Nyköping-Stockholm 

Blue line Linköping-Katrineholm-Eskilstuna-Sala-Uppsala

Pink line Uppsala-Tierp-Gävle

Red line Örebro-Eskilstuna-Stockholm-Uppsala 

Dark red line Hallsberg-Katrineholm-Stockholm

SJ Logotyp SJ

Stockholm-Märsta/Arlanda- Uppsala
Stockholm-Uppsala (SJ InterCity not included) 
Linköping-Stockholm-Tierp (SJ InterCity with Movingo for all routes*)

*Only applies to trains with final destination Linköping, Gävle, Sandviken or Ljudal.  

Tåg i Bergslagen logotypTåg i Bergslagen

Trains in Bergslagen in the regions Örebro, Västmanland and Östergötland.

Movingo tickets are also valid to all public transport in Mälardalen which is operated by:

  Länstrafiken Örebro


Download the Movingo app

To use your ticket, you must download the Movingo app from App Store or Google Play

Find the right Movingo for you

Find the right Movingo for you

Travel smart with the app

Travel smart with the app

Exceptions and Restrictions for Movingo

Exceptions and Restrictions for Movingo