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Check your trip this summer

Due to the lack of train drivers this summer, some departures may be canceled or delayed. Keep an eye on the box Traffic incidences for the latest information about departures and replacement traffic.

Traffic incidences

Planned traffic changes Traffic information
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Before your trip east

Everything you need to know before you travel with us.

During your trip east

WiFi, allergies, bicycle – this is how it works on board.

After your trip east

Forgot something on the train or comment on the trip.



New time table from Aug 15 

Summer traffic is ending and from Aug 15 there are more departures on the Mälartåg routes. However, due to lack of train drivers traffic will be reduced on certain routes on weekdays, so keep an eye on the timetable when planning your trip in Mälardalen.

Have a safe trip and welcome onboard!


Traffic change Gävle-Skutskär on Aug 7

All trains are cancelled Gävle-Skutskär on the route Uppsala-Gävle on Aug 7 due to planned track work. Buses will replace the trains between Gävle and Skutskär and depart Gävle 30 minuter earlier than regular departure time to connect in time with the train in Skutskär. Train traffic on Monday 8 Aug will run according to regular time table.

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How to travel with Mälartåg, safe and easy 

  • Modern trains with WIFI
  • Work comfortably on board or just relax
  • Discounted price for youths and students 
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Mälartåg Linjekarta

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The commuter ticket for you in Stockholm-Mälardalen

  • Surrounding local traffic, for example, bus, commuter train and metro, are always included in the ticket 

  • Select 30 days, 90 days or 1-year ticket 

  • Discounted price for youths and students

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News and travel inspiration


How it works on board

Here you will find useful information about how it works on board Mälartåg's modern double deckers and our other trains.  

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Traveling with bike on Mälartåg

You can bring your bike on board Mälartåg. You will not be charged any extra, and the place can not be reserved.

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How to travel with a wheelchair and seat scooter

There are wheelchair spaces on almost all our departures. These departures are marked with a wheelchair symbol in the timetable.

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