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Summer campaign!

Mälartåg temporarily raises the age limit for accompanying children – Bring two children to up to 11 years old for free per paying traveler during the period of April 29 - August 20, 2023.

The campaign only applies to single tickets sold in our own channels; mälartå and Mälartåg app. The campaign does not apply to Movingo tickets or Mälartåg or Resplus tickets sold through channels such as SJ, for these, the regular offer of up to and including 6 years applies.

Additional accompanying children travel at a discounted price (youth/student).



After the campaign (from August 21, 2023), the age limit for accompanying children will return to the regular offer of two children up to 6 years old.

Travelling on your own

Children up to the age of 6 are not allowed to travel alone on our trains. Legal guardians of older children can judge for themselves whether the child is able to travel on their own. Children traveling without the company of an adult must be able to take responsibility for themselves during the journey, even in the event of a traffic disruption.

Conveniences on board

  Wifi on board

      Power outlets at the seats

    Space for strollers

    Large restroom with changing table

Family on the train

On board the train

Here, you can find space to place strollers, larger luggage, as well as a large restroom with a changing table and a smaller restroom.


Prams are to be placed in the Flex coach. If this space is already full, you can place the pram if there is room in the vestibule in the same coach. In other carriages, there is room for a folded pram under the luggage racks on the lower floors.

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