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Planned traffic changes

Here you can find a list of planned traffic changes that will have an impact on the traffic with Mälartåg during 2023. Some holidays may lead to reduced traffic on some routes, which you can read more about here as well.

The railways in Stockholm-Mälardalen are continuously being maintained and improved. This means that parts of the railway network periodically need to be completely, or partially shut down. The information about planned track work is preliminary, exactly how the trains will run during this time is determined in more detail closer to that period. Search your trip on Mälartå to see the updated timetable.

Month by month



Track work ( change of train tracks) between Örebro and Arboga

Period: March 13 – Maj 14

Affected route: Örebro-Eskilstuna-Stockholm-Uppsala 

Due to planned extensive track work all travel with Mälartåg is canceled between Arboga and Örebro Södra on weekdays, Monday-Friday March 13 – May 14. Train passengers travelling on this route are referred to replacement buses and departures with SJ-trains. You find more information about timetables and departures when searching your travel on and



Trackwork beween Uppsala and Tierp

Period: The night of Sunday April 1 – April 2, 01:00-03:30.

Affected route: Uppsala-Tierp-Gävle 

Bus replaces canceled departure Uppsala-Gävle. More information will be found on Traffic status on the concerned day.

Photo: Kenneth Hellman / Trafikverket

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